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Biography of TheonesteSIKUBWABO


Theoneste SIKUBWABO was born in Democratic Republic of Congo(Masisi) as refugee in 1989, after his parents returned to Rwanda their native country whereby they have installed at Rubavu District, western province,He is the 3rd child in the family of six children, 2 sablings and 4 sisters.
In 1999, he started primary school at CS.Buhengeri primary school  and O’level at Gs Ibuka Kabaya respectively where he got high marks during national examination and this allowed him to get presidential award (Laptop and a Certificate of Merit) as best performer in sciences and mathematics, after he continued his advanced level at Ecole des sciences de Musanze in brief E.SC.Musanze aka Universite du nord.
He completed his secondary education 2010 and at the beginning of 2011 Theoneste SIKUBWABO has got a job as science teacher in different schools in Rwanda and at the end of that year, he got government scholarship to University  of Rwanda for  pursuing Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine , completed in 2016 and got the  degree of Doctor in Veterinary Medicine in brief DVM.
In addition, Theoneste SIKUBWABO is a writer and author and he has published many articles and papers that mostly unit people and encourage youth to live a successful life and hardworking such as: The effect of divorce on children, Unwanted pregnancies in youth, five secrets of contentment…..
His dreams is to become a famous writer in the world and pay a significant contribution to build his native country
( “If you want to change the world take your pen and write” Martin Ruther

The values of Theoneste Sikubwabo






E: Exemplary




Theoneste means God’s dwelling place while SIKUBWABO by translating means;

It is not for them(people or human being) but it is for God.

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