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Dr Theoneste SIKUBWABO was born in Democratic Republic of Congo(Masisi) as refugee in 1987 later moved to Uganda (Mityana) and afterwards  returned back to Rwanda to his parent’s native country ,He is the 3rd child in the family of six children, 2 siblings and 4 sisters.

He started his Primary education  as others but he did not have chance of attending nursery school and after completing primary education, he started high school education where he obtained excellent marks during  O level national examination and this allowed him to get presidential award (Laptop and a Certificate of Merit) as best performer in sciences and mathematics, he continued his advanced level  and he completed his secondary education without any problem, at the beginning of 2011,Dr Theoneste SIKUBWABO has got a job as science teacher with the purpose of contributing to the development of Rwanda and at the end of the same year, he got government scholarship to University of Rwanda for  pursuing Biomedical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

At University, Dr Theoneste SIKUBWABO served in various leadership positions in University of Rwanda students union as Guild Minister in charge of social affairs,health and environment and due to those positions and his hard working ability, he worked closely with the University management to solve day to day students problems to ensure their well-beings, In addition to that Dr Theoneste SIKUBWABO initiated Students entrepreneurship club at University that is there for encouraging students to own entrepreneurial culture,innovation and creativity with zeal of fighting against Unemployment problem among youth and during that period students benefited the club in various ways, so many trainings were given in the support of the Spark project, Solve the Equation East Africa Project (SEE) Headed by Mr. SSERUMAGA Paul and Dr Caroline Sarah RYAN, also Dot Rwanda, a non government organisation from Canada, apart from that, so many saving groups were created among students of the University.He also contributed in many other activities especially that motivated students to be answers of the community, he participated in the One health students club of the University of Rwanda supported by One Health Central and Eastern Africa (OHCEA), with funds from USAID, the American People, the club operates in communities to raise awareness and help in response to emerging pandemic threats (EPT), from this Dr Theoneste SIKUBWABO noticed a gap in the club as well as the project and advised the project leaders to use communication information and  technology so that the world may be aware of the good work they are doing,the project leaders blessed his opinion and he designed a club website (www.ohscur.wordpress.com), after the creation of the website above, many things happened,many students joined the club and community outreaches that One Health students members did were shared with other clubs of the world and as result one health  gospel reached many people of the word.

Dr Theoneste SIKUBWABO graduated from University of Rwanda with a bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine also equivalent to Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), after graduation he worked as consultant in Kigali City whereby he used to give advices to people who wanted to start their projects in poultry farming,fish farming,dairy sector, veterinary pharmacies,…and later got job in the company known as EASHATCH Ltd as Company Veterinary officer up to date. He has very good interpersonal skills; Organization of community engagement activities; Community mobilization, NGO’s,motivated leader with strong organizational and prioritization abilities,Motivated by challenges, excited by innovation, focused on results. He loves excellence, enjoys being part of a winning team and trust in a brighter future for Africa.

Dr Theoneste SIKUBWABO is a member of Rwanda council of Veterinary doctors (RCVD) and Rwanda Veterinary doctors association.

Dr Theoneste SIKUBWABO is a  Rwandan Veterinary Doctor ,Motivational Speaker,poultry Veterinarian, Animal health expert and consultant.


Global health

Medical parasitology

Zoonotic diseases

Tropical Diseases



He is currently pursuing Masters in Public Health (MPH) so that he may  contribute significantly in promotion of global health challenges and in the development of Rwanda especially in  health sector.

-We should be concerned not only about the health of individual patients, but also the health of our entire society. Ben Carson

The values of Dr Theoneste SIKUBWABO


T:Transparency   H:Honest  E:Excellence O:Obedience/Openess   N:Nationalism  E: Exemplary

T:Trust   E:Efficiency    S:sustainability

Theoneste means God’s dwelling place while SIKUBWABO by translating means;

It is not for them(people or human being) but it is for God.


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