God created human persons and gives all the power of leading all things including living and nonliving things here on this world, but he does not give us the order or right of killing each other, if you see in someone’s eye, you find your image in that eye as we commonly see our image in mirror, It insignificant to say that this one is black, this one is white, we all creatures of God and in addition we breathe the same air, we share the same environment, we all bleed, we all die, we all born by mothers (resulted from union of ova and spermatozoa), we all made of the same matter( bones, blood, blood vessels, brain,… ).
Dear friends, if it is like that, why people used to kill others? why people used to hate others? Why people used to mistreat others?
I wonder why genocides (Rwandan, Jewish…) had happened? While have many negative impacts to people and wealth of a nation, delay development, loss of many persons, destruction of infrastructures and others; Rwandans we experienced this than other people of the world that’s why we always write the truth, what people should do instead of divisionism, distinction. Dear brothers and sisters before killing anyone do you think that you will live forever? Please we are the same, there is no interest to distinguish people in saying this one has this color, he behaves like this…., he is tall or short, he has long or short nose, he is white or black. no pleasure, no joy, no income someone can find in that misbehavior, it is more important to everybody to know that we all people are God creatures and let us work together in peace building all over the world and this will help us to make a remarkable progress in all things we do. It disgraceful to kill someone you have shared something, it is disgraceful to kill the hand that fed you, it is shameful to kill the one you have shared a childhood, finally it is disgraceful to kill the one you don’t give life.
Brothers and sisters, we are all human with same origin (mother: from combination of ovum and spermatozoa) and in addition to God’s creatures! Where does come that hatred, killings, distinction,…please let us work together to promote peace, unity, reconciliation where that shameful or evil acts have happened and prevent them to occur where did not happened, let us all be peace builder.
If you have something to add or to tell the writer, please use this email below (where that 01 are numbers) or
Theoneste SIKUBWABO, Writer from University of Rwanda



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