You can ask yourself this question: what does it mean overspeeding?
Overspeeding is defined as to drive a vehicle at a rate that exceeds the legally established maximum or increased the rate of speed or progress.Speeding when driving has a number of downsides, including the risk of traffic tickets and accidents, and it also can have an effect on your car’s tires. Before you hop in your car and put the “pedal to the metal,” evaluate the condition of your tires and the possible outcome of driving on them too fast. The government of RWANDA has used all the possible means to solve this problem of overspeeding through RWANDA NATIONAL POLICE and other people in charge of security even if in Nyagatare district remains.
The tangible facts that I can give is that two students from  Univerity of Rwanda-Nyagatare campus( former UPU) were killed due to the accidents resulted to overspeeding, when I was traveling in the road nearby  Univerity of Rwanda-Nyagatare campus( former UPU) I was met two foreigners husband and wife and they are not happy for that issue and asked me to show them where police station is located, they all asked me why this problem remains in Rwanda especially in Nyagatare District , I have told them that Nyagatare District Police Station knows that that issue and they are dealing with it.
The major cause of over speeding is drinking alcohols or drugs and other heavy drinks from neighboring countries such as Republic of Uganda and United  Republic of Tanzania
Brothers and sister we all know the negative impacts of overspeeding including death of people, destruction of infrastructures and decreased national economy by healing wounds; people affected by those accidents.
Let us work together to fight against this bad habit in our country and this will help us in our development of RWANDA our beloved country if find this case ,please report to nearby police station or call 112 because there there is no joke about human health and remember that here in Rwanda our first resource is people.

published by  Theoneste SIKUBWABO, Writer



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